Why world’s leading brands rely on LinxFlow media portals to manage their marketing & communications and e-commerce processes.

Linx IT Solutions has an outstanding track record in creating Cloud Solutions to manage marketing & communication and e-commerce processes.

Understanding the business and understanding end-user's requirements are key elements empowered by the Linx Human Driven Architecture. In combination with a dedicated team of software developers and adaptation of the latest proven technology Linx ensures the most valuable aspect: Operational Reliability.

Businesses are unique. In our opinion software should serve the unique processes within your organization and not the other way around. To achieve this, our software is highly configurable and we can adapt client specific modifications in an easy way. Not re-inventing each time but adjusting to match client's demands. The LinxFLow media portal is your central online marketing repository.

With modules as AssetFlow, Enterprise Digital Asset management (E-DAM) and AdFlow, online template driven Artwork Creation the media portal gives your staff the opportunity to do where they are skilled for, being creative and working on new items instead of spending time on making adaptions and helping out others...

To empower your e-commerce sales and reduce costs, Linx developed Phomas and Phomas Copy. Unique solutions to manage the process of E-commerce photography and copy writing & translations. Including an online retouch and approval workflow and automated image conversion and delivery. Get the max out of your web shop and reduce returns by displaying the most photo realistic imagery. Boost sales by speeding up the process. Phomas delivers!